SiSaf Ltd utilizes Intoolab’s Tzager AI Platform

GUILDFORD, United Kingdom

29 March 2021

SiSaf Ltd utilizes Intoolab’s Tzager AI platform to explore the relationship between drug delivery in nano-medicine and COVID-19 with a view to developing precision immune altering therapies using SiSaf’s advanced Bio-Courier® technology.

SiSaf Ltd announced today it has employed Intoolab’s Tzager AI platform to explore the relationship between drug-delivery in nano-medicine cross referenced with the multi-factorial aspects of COVID-19 disease, including disease pathogenesis, drugs, molecular pathways and host immune responses.  A key focus will include immuno-senescence and age-related inflammasome factors. The goal of this Innovate UK funded programme is to define and develop potential precision therapeutics utilizing SiSaf’s Bio-Courier, technology to enable the safe and efficient targeted delivery of drugs and nucleic acid-based therapies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world with over 126 million total cases and over 2.7 million deaths worldwide as of March 2021. An overwhelming preponderance of cases and deaths is observed within the elderly population, and especially in those with pre-existing conditions and comorbidities. Aging causes numerous biological changes in the immune system, which are linked to age-related illnesses and susceptibility to infectious diseases. Age-related changes influence the host immune response and therefore not only weaken the ability to fight respiratory infections but also to mount effective responses to vaccines.

Understanding of the pathophysiology of aging and the immune response will not only help understand age-related diseases but also guide precision medical constructs for deadly infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Intoolab’s Tzager AI platform is the first Bayesian Inference Python library that can be used to infer probabilities and connect causalities in healthcare. Tzager can recognise a disease, a therapy, or a symptom that it has never seen before, just based on the relationships of the data. The system can readily be used to understand COVID-19 infection and drug delivery to rapidly unveil relationships between disease, drugs, drug delivery and route of administration.

SiSaf’s Bio-Courier technology enhances the stability, targeting and controlled release of drug molecules and nucleic acid-based therapies, ultimately improving the chances of success and reducing time to market for novel precision therapies.

“As we have seen during this pandemic, speed is everything. The development, testing and approval of multiple vaccines in less than a year is testament to the integration of cutting-edge artificial Intelligence and medical technology,” said Dr Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Founder and CEO of SiSaf. “The rapid insight gathering from Tzager coupled with the capability to stabilize and target nucleic acid-based therapies with our Bio-Courier technology will further accelerate the ability to curtail the havoc caused by this and future pandemics”.

“Partnering with precision drug development companies like SiSaf is critical to turning novel disease management pathways into a clinical reality, quickly.” says Nikos Tzagkarakis, Founder and CEO of Intoolab .

SiSaf would like to acknowledge Innovate UK for the grant funding to initiate this valuable programme.